Thermal Imaging Systems in hunting

Brief info about thermal vision technology

Thermal imaging systems have opened up new possibilities for hunters and brought new colors of excitement into this exciting hobby. Infrared vision has equalized the chances of humans and the best carnivorous representatives of the fauna in night orientation on the terrain. The man began to see perfectly at night, in the fog, in the snow, on the blinding sun reflected from the snow, in dense vegetation and rocks. We became like the legendary Predator from the famous movie and felt like a king on our planet thanks to a small thermal imager.

Thermal imagers register the thermal radiation of all objects with a temperature above absolute zero and display the thermal picture of the area at which the device screen is directed. On the monitor, we get a volumetric color or monochrome photo of the area in real-time. The greater the temperature difference, the clearer, and clearer the image. Thermal imagers can take photos and videos for a long time without additional recharging. They have a USB connector for charging and data transfer. Some models may have a Wi-Fi module and transfer information to a smartphone, computer, or tablet. All models are made of durable modern materials, protected from water, dust, and shock. Thermal imaging systems are firmly attached to the weapon and provide a good angle of view of the terrain. Some models can be attached to the helmet for ease of use. All types of devices have reticles and digital zoom. Among the most popular devices for hunting are thermal imaging sights and monoculars.

Thermal rifle scopes

Thermal rifle scopes, despite their small size, retain all the advantages of thermal imagers. The picture will be clear in any temperature and weather conditions. Nevertheless, at the same time, they have additional functions inherent only to them. The sights are designed with the weapon’s recoil in mind and perfectly hold the target when the trigger is pulled. For hunters, a reticle with a picture-in-picture function and an increase in the aiming area is of interest. This will help keep the situation under control while still aiming accurately. The scopes have an increased detection range, which allows the hunter to remain unnoticed by the game. The scopes are equipped with Wi-Fi and built-in memory to top it off, which makes it possible to share good shots and videos with friends and family. If the user installs the application on their smartphone, they will receive an additional bonus in the form of the ability to upload videos to a video-sharing website, including YouTube. Videos can also be stored on an SD card and viewed on a computer or tablet. Among the pleasant additions, we note automatic or manual calibration, a high-resolution display, five zeroing profiles, digital sighting, and a freeze-frame function. The scopes are supplied with a reliable, quick-release mount.

Thermal monoculars

Thermal monoculars look like a telescope, only in a small. Nevertheless, the gadget took the best qualities of a thermal imager and combined them with lightweight, compactness, and multi-functionality. The monocular can be used as a magnifying glass; a mini spyglass can be fixed in front of the sight on the weapon and fixed on the helmet. To keep your hands free, you can attach them to a tripod. The monocular is compact, fits in a jacket pocket. Designed for short observation periods in small spaces. Unlike a sight, a monocular does not have an electronic reticle. The monocular has digital zoom, automatic image brightness function, protection from the source of bright light. It integrates with smart devices iOS, and Android can work for a long time without additional charge. The monocular can take pictures, write videos to the built-in memory, or save data to the phone via Wi-Fi. Depending on preferences, the transmitted picture can be color or monochrome. Compared to the bulk of thermal imaging devices for hunting, monoculars have a lower screen resolution due to their small size and smaller viewing angle. However, it is more convenient for a quick response to prey since it is easy to take it out of your pocket and look at the action of interest. The monocular is easy to operate, has a solid ergonomic design, is affordable, and at the same time perfectly copes with the tasks.

The hunter is always faced with the daunting task of choosing equipment. It should be as optimal as possible for specific weather conditions, terrain, operating mode, and assigned tasks. Therefore, we recommend that you choose your thermal imaging systems for hunting with deliberation and care. Not only has the success of the hunt depended on this but also the safety of the participants. We hope we have helped you find your ideal device. We are confident that thermal night vision technology will add a vivid experience to such an exciting hobby as hunting and keeping memories of pleasant experiences.

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